Is My Pet Cold? Here Is The Answer To That!

The mixture of low temperatures with high doses of humidity makes the cold helplessly sneak into our bodies. Now, many of our clients ask us, Does my dog ​​feel cold? We are going to try to clarify doubts and deal with the subject with the objectivity that years of experience in pet care give us.

You’d probably want to know how to identify the signs a pet shows when they’re cold. We are going to give you some clues and some useful tips.

The first thing to do is consider your pet’s breed, because size, coat type, weight, and body fat affect its resistance to cold and heat.

Will My dog be cold? Watch out for cold symptoms in pets

Observe your dog’s behavior especially on outdoor walks, since it is at these times that he will face the lowest temperature. The symptoms that dogs show when they are cold are:
Tremors. See if your dog shivers or trembles after spending time outside.

Slow breathing. If you notice that your dog breathes more slowly than usual, it could be a symptom of a cold, see if his breathing becomes regular after covering him with something warm.

Drowsiness. If you notice your “furry” friend more tired and sleepy than usual, try tucking him in during rest and see if this symptom improves.

Dry skin and numb areas of your body. Our dog’s nose counts a lot without speaking. If the area of ​​the nose appears dry, it may be because his body is not tolerating the temperature well. If you notice that he moves with problems, as if he had any of the body parts numb, it is important that you help him by giving him a massage. With a gentle massage, you will get it to warm up by activating circulation. In any case, this symptom is common to other types of problems, if you do not notice any relief in its condition, it would be convenient to take it to a veterinarian for evaluation.

Slow movements. One of the symptoms that appear in our dogs when they are cold is a little slowness in their movements. This is a kind of stiffness due to your muscles tensing up to try to get warm.

What can we do to alleviate the cold in our dogs?

  • Try to make your bed in a warm area of ​​the house and free of drafts.
  • You can include a warm blanket to cover it.
  • Pay attention to your diet. Better that at this time it has more calories to protect itself from the cold.
  • His fur is his best protection against the cold, try not to cut his hair during the winter.
  • Pet clothes can alleviate their cold, it is not just an aesthetic issue, they play a role in pets with colds.
  • It is better to walk when it is still sunny and limit the time you go out without the sun.
  • If it goes out in the rain, remember to dry it when you get home.

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