Pigeon Transfer

Homing Pigeons Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Once you successfuly win a pigeon big, you will have to follow the following requirements for the pigeon to be transferred to you.

  • To participate in the sale you need to register and fill out the form for the first time
  • Once you have registered, you can identify yourself and make the purchase.
  • This is a direct sale….if you like it you buy it…there are no bids here
  • All pigeons purchased will be sent to the buyer FREIGHT DUE.
  • If the organization had to send a communication to a buyer, it will be by email, in the same way that if the bidder has to contact the organization, they can do so at Squabs@plymouthfancypigeonclub.com
  • The form of payment will be by bank transfer 
  • When the pigeon is approximately 25 days old, the buyer will be notified so that he can make his deposit and thus it can be sent when it is 30 days old.
  • All pigeons are donated by our partners with their best breeding pairs
  • If for any justified circumstance the organization had to cancel the sales as well as access to them, it reserves the right to do so.
  • All data provided will be destroyed at the end of the sale.