Golden Retriever VS Goldendoodles

Weight And Height Of A Golden Doodle Dog

Its weight ranges between 14 and 21 kilograms and its height reach between 61 and 66 centimeters in males and 56-58 centimeters in females.

Golden Doodle Fur

Their hair varies depending on their parents -it can be curly and also straight, although the most normal thing is that it is wavy and quite thick, and its color also changes between different shades of gold, black, brown, white, gray, cream and red. It can grow very large if not trimmed.

Their coat also varies from puppy to puppy, even within the same litter! Their curly hair usually grows between 5 and 8 centimeters. Although they are low-shedding dogs, they will need regular brushing to keep their coat in top condition. They should have their hair cut once or twice a year.

More Physical Attributes Of The Goldendoodle

Their bodies are athletic and muscular, with a square base, and they stand out for their large, round, expressive eyes… it seems that they are even profiled and have eyebrows! His nose is square.

Their ears are normally quite flat and set on the highest part of the head. It is a good idea to check them frequently for wax on a regular basis.

The Good Thing About The Golden Retriever Mini

  • Kind, affectionate, and generally sensational with strangers.
  • Ideal as a first dog for a person who has never had pets before.
  • Smart and easy to train.
  • Hypoallergenic: The risk that it can cause allergies in humans is very low.
  • Fits easily.

The Negative Side of the Mini Golden Retriever

  • Very prone to separation anxiety, so should not be left alone for long
  • It can be high maintenance depending on its coat. You have to brush them constantly.
  • He needs plenty of exercise, playtime, and mental stimulation.
  • They are not great watchdogs, simply because they are charming to all people!
  • It can become destructive if it gets boring.

These dogs are also very funny and even a little mischievous, but in a very nice and peculiar way. For example, they will most likely find out where you keep their treats and will not stop trying to ‘hunt’ them because they have an exceptional sense of smell.

If you decide that you want to adopt a small Golden Retriever Puppy, then you can explore the available Mini Goldens 4 You | Current Litters to pick the one that suits you best.