Why Should You Eliminate Termites In Your Home?


Termites are xylophagous insects, that is, they feed on wood. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate termites as soon as possible from an affected house or building, since their capacity for destruction and voracity is very fast.

The termites can destroy wood elements decorative or structural within weeks

Getting rid of a termite infestation in San Diego is not an easy task. Plus, it requires professional techniques and products to guarantee its correct and effective elimination.

It is very important to carry out a pre-treatment evaluation to find out the level of affectation of the termite colony. Also, you need to act as quickly as possible to stop the evolution and growth of the colony.

What Damages Or Consequences Do Termites Cause In Your Home?

Termites cause a multitude of damage to buildings and homes as they feed on wood and other components used in construction. They can also destroy other components such as paper, cardboard, chipboard, Formica, and any element that is made up of cellulose.

The most important, risky, and economic damages are structural. They can destroy beams, lintels, trestles, subframes, frames, windows, baseboards, pavements, railings, and everything that has a connection with the building structure or what is made up of wood or cellulose.

Tips To Prevent The Appearance Of Termites

  1. Avoid humidity: termites develop especially in humid environments, so it is very important to eliminate leaks or conditions that favor humidity. Where they appear most is outside the house, especially in taps and pipes. The firewood that we have accumulated around our home or a garden in poor condition, can also help its proliferation. 
  2. Choose quality wooden furniture: it is important to choose quality woods. Also, you must avoid storing wood or cellulose in direct contact with the ground, especially in cellars or storage rooms that can be humid. Better to store it on shelves or in the case of garden firewood, on a canvas.
  3. Avoid planting trees or plants near the house: trees or plants can take roots that penetrate the structure of the house and facilitate the presence of termite.
  4. Whether you need a San Diego termite inspection or a termite inspection Chula Vista, you can contact TermiteSanDiego.com They are professional termite exterminators that respond to calls in the quickest time possible. Their charges are also super-friendly.


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