Understanding the Crested Pigeon

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The Crested Pigeon comes from Australia and belongs to the Columbidae family. It owes its particularity to its long blackish crest which gives it its elegance and which it can keep erect or flattened according to its feelings, but also thanks to its black gray beak and its orbital ring which is pink-red. The Crested Pigeon has a light gray head and neck. The nape, back of the neck, mantle, back, and rump form a brownish-gray set.

The Crested Pigeon measures between 31 and 35 cm.

They are fed with a mixture of finely crushed seeds, the same as for chicks, and add little granules. These exotic birds also love to eat leaves and sometimes delight in small insects. The Lophote dove forages mainly on land. Crested Pigeons roost in the dense foliage, close to their terrestrial feeding ground.

Crested Pigeon

File:Ocyphaps lophotes - Hawker.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Crested Pigeons are monogamous. The male and the female are similar, only the male has the orbital circle slightly wider than the female. You can have a couple in a 3 x 2 x 2 m aviary outside. The best is to expose it to the sun and protect it from drafts and humidity. No need to put a lot of vegetation in the aviary.

During reproduction, do not mix the pair of Crested Pigeon with other doves or turtledoves, the male can be aggressive during this period.

Crested Pigeon can nest at any time of the year, but especially in hot weather. A pair of Crested Pigeons makes more than one brood per year. To facilitate their reproduction, all you have to do is provide high support for the nest and provide the couple with the elements to do so: straw, hay, dead leaves, and branches). The female lays two eggs per brood, the eggs are white and shiny. Brooding lasts 18 to 20 days. It is the female who incubates the eggs, but the male replaces her for 2-3 hours a day so that she can feed, hydrate, and rest.

At birth, chicks have a tawny-brown down on the top and cream-colored underneath. They take their adult colors from 13-15 days. Then, the chicks leave the nest between 16 and 35 days after birth and are able to reproduce from one year.

Ring size: 7 mm

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