The Pigeons

When you observe a wood pigeon or a stock dove in nature, you are far from imagining all the other species that exist in a pigeon breeding like ours! In fact at the Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club, the pigeons have very varied shapes and colors: simple like the blue of Gascony, imposing and long like the Cauchois pigeon, graceful like the peacock pigeon, enormous like the social pigeon, all-round like the King pigeon or strange like the capuchin pigeon! Whether he is a report pigeon or a fancy pigeon, he forms a united couple with his hen and regularly lays two eggs which will give two youngsters. The pigeon is exciting and easy to breed animal.



Incubators and poultry products

We exclusively distribute the prestigious German brands HEKA and SOLLFRANK. We are also exclusive distributors in South California for the famous English brand BRINSEA. We have our own brand of 100% natural food supplements.

Advantage-2 Sale of animals

We comply with all the necessary permits for the importation and sale of both domestic and wild birds. Aware of animal welfare and complying with current regulations, all our animals are delivered with a veterinary certificate

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By phone, by email, or through our virtual store. Both the products and the animals, you will receive them at your home with our door-to-door shipping service in a safe and guaranteed way.

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