Pigeon Advice from an Expert

These tips written by the breeders of the Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club for your pigeons should be read carefully. Even if it does not answer all the situations that you may encounter, this article gives the information you need to know for the well-being of your animals.

I get my pigeons

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Open your crate inside your aviary. Plan an aviary of at least 6 m² per couple. Different breeds of pigeons can live together in the same aviary if it is large enough and there are enough females.

Your pigeons were fed with us a mixture of seeds and suitable cereals, such as “Gra-Mix pigeon”. They are used to eating in special pigeon feeders placed on the ground with food at will. For the good balance of your pigeons, respect this diet at home.

I breed my pigeons

Pigeons need to bathe, provide them with a tub once a week with bath salt. Thus, they get rid of their parasites and cool off in the summer.

The perches are indispensable for your pigeons, plan-many in the aviary. On the ground, you can put the sand into a litter that you change regularly. Your pigeons are not afraid of the cold but beware of drafts, so protect the aviary.

The pigeon is wasting the seeds, take a suitable feeder with high rims.

The reproduction of my pigeons

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Each pair needs two nests, in fact, while they are raising the young from the first brood, the female makes another laying in the second nest. So set up 2 circular nests per couple. The mating and reproduction period begins in the spring.

Couples mate and are faithful for life. When the male wants to mate, he performs a courtship display: he turns around the female, cooing and dragging the long feathers of his tail on the ground. The initiation of mating can be stimulated by a diet based on hemp seeds (hemp seed).
About ten days after mating, the female still lays 2 eggs. The male incubates alternately with his female.

They raise their young themselves by force-feeding them for 2 months. The young must be ringed at 10 days old.

The peculiarities of my pigeons

Each breed of pigeon exists in different colors. A distinction is made between fancy breeds, which are generally smaller, and production breeds which are larger.
Other than some breeds like the Texan, sexing is very difficult. Despite all the care taken in this operation, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee their gender.

Pigeons reared in good conditions can live for many years.

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