How to Train a German Shepherd to Be a Guard Dog


Maybe you have heard that it is easy to train a German shepherd to be a guard dog. It might look simple on paper but hard to execute. This explains the need for you to take these training lessons. Guard Dogs have been seen to be a liability to their owners especially if they are trained to act aggressively to any intruder.

Training a dog that is excessively aggressive or always out of control can be challenging. This is because they can act inappropriately in non-threatening situations. This explains why you should be careful before embarking on your training classes.

The following steps will guide you successively how to train your German shepherd to be a Guard Dog;

 Step 1

Familiarize your German shepherd with the immediate environment. This will help it to have a clear understanding of the environment distinguishing a normal situation from a genuine threat. This important step will help your Dog from shying away and biting people out of fear when exposed to a new environment.

Step 2

This is an important step in ensuring your Dog follows instructions. Take your German shepherd to the best obedience class for the training. An obedient dog will easily follow instructions and undertake the training more easily. Let the dogs have fun, reward them when they perform correctly rather than punishing them for mistakes. It will help in raising their spirits.

Step 3

Teach your German shepherd on controlled barking. They should learn only to bark on command. This will ensure that it is not a nuisance to everyone who passes through its path. You start by using easily learned commands like ‘sit’, ‘speak’, ‘quite’, and ‘enough’. Remember to give a reward for any successful attempt.

Step 4

This is a major step for your dog to get notes of strangers. Ensure that you train your dog to bark when announcing strangers coming your way. You can achieve this by reacting decisively by walking to see the reason for the barking. When satisfied you can use the ‘Quiet or Enough’ command as you offer your praises. Make sure to develop this behavior only at home.

 Step 5

Come up with a drill to test your Dog’s alertness. Have people act like strangers trying to intrude into your home. If the Dog barks the intruder should respond and run away. You should also react swiftly by praising the Dog for its reaction. Remember not to encourage the Dog to Run after intruders, they should only alert you. Let your Dog know of its territorial boundaries. You can walk with it around your property. Ensure that it only barks to people trying to enter your property and not those outside your property.

The most important thing to do is work with a professional dog trainer. Wüstenberger-Land is one of the best breeders in California that offer trained German Shepherd guard dogs for sale.

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