About us

In a privileged enclave, Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club is located in the heart of the pasture of Los Angeles, South California a region full of natural corners of undeniable beauty. Firmly aware of animal welfare and respect for nature, we enjoy every day more than 150 species of birds that we raise with true passion: a passion for leisure poultry that we invite you to live with us.

In addition to the animals that we house in our facilities in optimal conditions, we have a wide range of products related to leisure poultry farming, some of them in exclusive distribution, such as the prestigious HEKA and Brinsea incubators and others with our own brand. Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club products are made from plants and minerals and are 100% natural. They are ideal products for the prevention of pathologies in hens, chicks, ducks, turkeys, pheasants …

Proud of the loyalty of our clients, every year more people trust Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club: this is our greatest reward.

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Los Angeles, South California