4 Tips for Early Canine Training

As a dog lover, you’d be excited to bring home a new pup. Golden Retrievers is one of the cutest dog breeds out there obviously. For that, you can be sure of easily falling in love with a Golden Retriever puppy. Well, but that isn’t all. You also need to ensure that your dog is well-trained. Even though the breeder might partially train the pup while still in the boarding, further training will be needed when you bring in the puppy.


Unfortunately, too many owners make mistakes when training their new puppy. Luckily, we will learn some of the common puppy mistakes made by most owners. Let’s get on with it.


1.  Ignoring the need for a crate/cage


A lot of owners think that using a crate with their puppy is somewhat cruel. On the contrary, using a cage with your puppy helps to control him. You need to start crate training early so that the puppy gets used to it in advance. It also helps to avoid damages made by the puppy, such as digging, soiling floors, chewing, or raiding trash cans.


2.  Cuddling the puppy whenever he is scared


It might be okay to reassure your puppy that everything is fine. However, it might not be wise to cuddle him even when he is afraid of something that won’t harm him. For instance, you don’t have to cuddle him whenever thunder strikes. Coddling and reassuring him in such conditions will make him repeat the same thing, even though it is not a scary thing.


3.  Repeating commands to the pup


Too many owners get this wrong. They might repeat some commands, which may not be 100% harmful. Well, the only problem is that the dog might get the wrong message. For instance, you might say come, come, come, come, come when you are calling the dog. You might wonder how that would be a problem. The problem is that you might be training your dog to respond to your command after the fifth time. For that, simply say the command once to avoid any future inconveniences.


4.  Ignoring the need for starting early


Many people think that puppies don’t need training until they are about six months or a year old. On the contrary, you should start as soon as he comes home. That is why you need to start teaching the puppy good behaviors from day 1.


Basically, dog training is important, and you need advice from a professional for you to handle it accordingly. For instance, consult a reputable breeder to help you train your dog properly.


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